Are you waiting for...
an ans
wer to your email, an updated document, someone to sign a form, someone to approve or reject something? Do they even know they’re on the hook?

​Can you answer, "Where are you on that?"
Or, do you have to chase someone down, or dig through emails and excel spreadsheets?

Is technology making work easier?
Automating a manual process, “just because”, may only get the wrong things done faster.

OTB will help you to define, optimize and automate your business; allowing you to answer all of these questions and more. 

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Public Sector Success
OTB has years of experience successfully navigating some of the biggest challenges in public transit. Our deep grasp of the field allows us to help you solve complex business, technology and resource issues.
Process Improvement, Redesign and Automation
Our solutions cross diverse functional areas such as human resources, IT, operations, finance, safety and quality assurance. By applying Lean principles, change management and other improvement methodologies to solve a wide variety of business needs.
Data Science, Analytics and Visualization
Our Data Scientists have implemented data warehouses, KPI dashboards and real-time analysis, data governance processes, technology architectures and solution designs for organizations as diverse as high tech manufacturers, global non-profits, regional transit authorities and life sciences organizations. Our technology expertise includes statistical analysis, machine learning and visualization. We stay on top of this rapidly evolving space to bring the best thinking to our clients.

Vision and Change Management
A clear vision and a solid plan lead to success. We help organizations across many industries attain both. Using tools like Balanced Scorecard and Benchmarking, SWOT and Critical Success Factor analysis, we can help you define your vision, communicate it to your team, and define the steps needed to get you to where you want to go.
IT Strategy
We have a long track record of helping clients create the sound strategy needed for good IT decision-making. Our proven methodology is based on an Enterprise Architecture guided by IT Strategies and Principles, a Governance process, and using tools such as Application Inventories, Platform Dependencies, Data Involvement information and Relationship information.
Leadership Services
Our team is comprised of professionals with years of experience leading groups and organizations. If you are looking for a project or program manager, or even an acting executive to help you through a tough transition, we can help.