OTB Solutions is a management consulting firm offering an array of services, from the strategic to the very tactical. Founded in 2002, we serve customers in multiple industries in the Pacific Northwest, across North America and internationally.

We are a smallish firm filled with unique individuals. Our talent pool consists of technical experts, program and project leaders, financial whizzes, Lean experts, a Registered Nurse, data geniuses, MBA’s and PMP’s. We share a love of the outdoors. We’re snow-shoers, hikers, long-distance bicyclists and we’ve walked across Spain. We’re cryptologic linguists, gardeners, oenophiles, yachtsmen, Little League Presidents, birdwatchers, genealogists, artists, fanatical home cooks and photographers.

Our credentials and outside interests complement our capacity to solve any problem and to build solutions that last. That solution could be a wholly functioning Electronic Health Record, a fully automated business process, an assessment of a business problem and a plan to mediate it, a financial analysis, an enterprise cloud solution or the transformation of health care.

At OTB six guiding principles drive our approach...


In business, identifying the right destination, setting the best course to reach it, and avoiding complexity along the way requires experienced leadership.

At OTB Solutions, our associates have led successful projects for companies of every size and shape in a wide range of industries. Our trademark is strategic thinking combined with an ability to find practical solutions.  We are accomplished at working with clients to successfully effect much-needed change in their organizations.


Passion is sometimes hard to define when it comes to business. But you know it when you see it, and it’s even more apparent when it’s missing. It shows at every stage of a project – from conception to completion – and in thousands of details along the way. It’s a vital element for long-term success, and nothing can replace it.

At OTB Solutions Group, we approach every project with energy, enthusiasm and genuine passion. We are passionate about the quality of our work, the services we provide and the learning and growth of your people and ours. At many consulting firms, passion is elusive. At OTB Solutions Group, it’s essential.


Sometimes working with a management consultant can end up feeling like an invasion. It is exciting when you organization is embracing change, but it is also stressful. We work with you and your employees to make the transition as easy as possible.
We have extensive experience as management consultants and change agents, but sometimes you need more than expertise.

At OTB Solutions, we’re easy to work with.  We know how to tread lightly, treating everyone with respect, wasting no energy, and avoiding the frustrations that come from having to go over the same ground again and again.


One of our strengths at OTB solutions is our ability to create and manage powerful teams, and to keep them energized and focused for the duration of a project. We use a collaborative approach, often blending our staff and yours to create “the right team with the right skills.”  This approach also facilitates our goal of transferring all relevant knowledge to your employees before the project is complete.

Our network of relationships with technology vendors enables us to help you make the most strategic choices for your business and to increase the value of your technology investments. We have the expertise needed to leverage the power and speed of virtual teams, bringing in additional partners when required, and using distributed teams and off-shore resources when appropriate to reduce costs and take advantage of 24-hour productivity. At OTB Solutions Group, exceptional teamwork is not only good strategy, it’s fundamental to the way we work.


Too many consulting firms are short-sighted when it comes to evaluating their success, focusing on rates, hours and short-term profit instead of the quality service that ensures satisfied clients and a lasting reputation. We don’t have to choose between our best interests and yours, because we know they’re one and the same.

At OTB Solutions, we take a longer view. We know that our long-term success depends on the passion we bring to our assignments, the results we achieve for our clients, and the impact we have on the organizations with which we work. That’s our yardstick for measuring success.


In the final analysis, the thing that matters most is helping you get the results you need to succeed in your business. The customer focus we bring to our work begins when we help you develop the strategic business case that will guide the project toward the results you want to achieve. The leadership, perspective, passion and teamwork we apply to every project, and our overall impact on your organization, are all aimed at that one goal.

At OTB Solutions Group, our record speaks for itself. We consistently help our clients achieve their desired results, no matter how complex the problem, no matter how long or short the project. That’s our business.